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Fishbreeder, 1989
This work explores the interaction between humanity and nature.
The tubes are configured much like the left and right hemispheres of the brain, while the blue wires represent the neurological action of human thought. By using the brain imagery superimposed over the cosmos, the piece symbolizes our need to dominate nature through knowledge.
A more symbolic way of interpreting the imagery is that we draw energy from the universe (though the dendtrites) in order to organize and perpetuate our life cycles (represeted by the fish).

Each tube contains 10 to 12 tropical fish, livebearing guppies. The water circulates down the tubes carrying the newborn through the restricted opening to the pond below. This ensures that the young are not eaten by the adults. The fish represent the magic of life. The colorful and hypnotic motion creates a kind of dance, a mystical dance of life and birth.

On a less spiritual and more earthy plane, the ants become a metaphor for the mindlessness of human society, as they roam aimlessly across a barren lanscape, oblivious to the harm they do



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