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Bird City, 1986
This prototype was exhibited at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Bird City is a proposal to create a miniature city designed to become a sanctuary for indigenous birds. The actual project will occupy a one-acre island at a scale of 1:50, making a 50 story building approximately 12 feet tall.
This prototype of Bird City represents 6 city blocks at full scale and contained 10 live pigeons as occupants. The actual outdoor installation will not be caged--the idea is to attract birds indigenous to the area.



Scale model for public art project...

The city will be constructed during two summer-long workshops in the first two years, and an international architectural design invitational in the third and final year. The workshops will be conducted by a team of artists working with student interns from across the country.
  • The first year will see the city through various periods in architecture up to the nineteenth century.
  • The second year will evaluate, expand and modernize Bird City, carrying it chronologically through the twentieth century to the present.
  • The third year will take the city into the future with the commissioning of twelve buildings to be designed and built by internationally-recognized visionary architects.
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