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Video Studio for Insect, 2002
This installation was created specifically for the Bannister Gallery.
It is part of an ongoing experiment in combining telepresence art with live art installations.
Project Description
The art installation entitled "Video Studio for Insects," consists of a colony of 3000 live red ants in an 8-foot diameter environment made of water-saturated oasis (the material used to hold flower arrangements). The oasis is cut up into a circular geometric pattern. In the center of the circle is a cone of sand about one foot tall.




A time-lapse, digital camera, affixed to the ceiling, records the progress of the ants as they move the sand from the center of the circle toward the perimeter. That's what they do.

Two video cameras are attacked to the perimeter of the environment. One of the cameras are controlled via a web page on the Internet. Visitors will be able to adjust the camera's pitch (up & down), pan (left & right) and zoom (in & out).

This is a truly interactive multimedia installations, an art form first conceived by myself in a New York City storefront as I lead a group of Internet artists know as artnetweb.

Another iteration of this idea, Under the Volcano, was exhibited at the DeCordova Museum in Greater Boston.

The Goal
The goal of this installation is to open up new ways of seeing, by looking from alternative perspectives, in a voyeuristic manner and in a different scale; and to make these observations accessible to a large number of people.

I've been creating Installation Art for over 20 years. One of the things I attempt to do in each installation is to find connections between seemingly disparate pieces. Often the art is in the connections between things, rather than the things themselves. Video Studio for Insects is the hub of several of these connections.
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