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Time Room, 1983
This installation was part of a 4-person exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts called Journeys.
The Time Room was a collaboration with Georgianna Kettler, who painted the walls.



This installation uses various representations of "time" to create a journey through history, geography and politics.

Kettler's walls set a surreal stage for Campopiano's gothic furniture. The antique clock anchored only to clouds, ticks off real time as the bookcase traces events of the twentieth century.

The antique table and chairs invite the view to enter into another time and scale.

The glass table top is arranged with sand in the configuration of the Mediterranean sea basin and is inhabited by 500 live red ants.

This integration of ant workers, unlike our own world, illustrated cooperation and change. In contrast, the bookcase graphically portrays change in terms of dissent and the turbulent texture of our world.

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