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1980, Remo Campopiano
This idea goes a long ways back to a funny story about my first day in graduate school.ClockThis idea is to create a hanging Clock that uses it's own weight as the power source. The clock is multi-colored and kinetic. In addition to the movement of the hour, minute and second hands, the entire clock moves from its top position to its bottom position in the period of one week. ...next4
on 27 Feb 2006
1996, Remo Campopiano
1996This idea started back it the 426 Broome Street storefront where me and the boys did some art experiments in the window...we called it land. The idea developed further in November of 1999 through conversations with George Fifield.Ants Under FootCreate a museum room-size installation where you walk on clear plastic tiles that are raise off the floor about a foot, under which you see a colony of about one million ants rearranging a cone of sand approximately six foot tall in the center of the room. This idea was picked up by a curator at the ...next4
on 27 Feb 2006
1997, Remo Campopiano
1997This idea came out of a conversation with Marek Walczak just after Port at MIT.Ant Table with VRML CounterpartCreate a white table approximately three foot by five foot and 30 inches tall with 2" Plexiglas sides to contain 100 hundred ants. Fix a camera to the ceiling above the table looking down on the surface. Create a program that will translate the positions of the ants in the digital video to VRML coordinates and send them over the Internet. Create a VRML world where large bricks move around in place of each ant. ...next4
on 27 Feb 2006
1999, Remo Campopiano
December 25, 1999This idea came to me while flying home after bringing my daughter back to West Palm Beach.Providence LightsI have a new idea that I'm considering for Convergence XIII. I've been wanting to do something on a large scale, something that a lot of people will see.  When I was flying into Boston this Christmas, I was trying to identify the city of Providence out of all of the clusters of lights along the eastern seaboard. If you were looking on a map, you'd identify the capitol with a five-pointed star. My idea is to recreate that ...next4
on 15 Jul 2013
2000, Remo Campopiano
August 1, 2000Talking to the DeadI'd like to try to animate a human spinal cord...the kind you see at Chiropractor's offices. The base of the scull might hold a video camera. Several of these strange-looking backbones facing each other may be a very bizarre sight, especially if they appear to be in conversation. The video could be live on the Internet and maybe the movement could be controlled from the Internet.July 1, 2000This ideas fulfills one of my lifelong dreams...to fly like a bird. This was also Leonardo DaVinci's dream too, which leads to the title. Leonardo's Dream ...next4
on 15 Jul 2013
2001, Remo Campopiano
December 15, 2001Sand Painter RobotsFive steamroller-like robots draw with colored sand as they continually flatten out the sand canvass.November 11, 2001RatRodeoThe idea is to create a small robot vehicle with a video camera that can be controlled by a web page. This RoboRat will inhabit an installation/rat's den with a family of rodents. ...next4
on 27 Feb 2006
2003, Remo Campopiano
April 1, 20033-D History For years I have been trying to find a way of visualizing history in 3 dimensions. I've built timelines, explored horn shapes, spheres and rotating discs. I think I have finally stumbled on to an elegant solution. It took cyberspace, the PORT show, Saddam Hussein, Will Durant and an ill-fated cruise in the Caribbean to germinate this idea, but here it is.Unfortunately, I lost this file. It was 3d_history.htm and must have been in the frontpage site. ...next4
on 16 Jul 2013
2004, Remo Campopiano
May 10, 2004Musical Shock TherapyThis idea came to me in a daydream. I was listening to some wonderful classical music. I have this special way of listening where I let the music control my body and if I get it just right the music makes my body spasm. It like a direct connection between the music and my muscles.A few months back, I went to my chiropractor. She has these new machines that administer electro-shocks to the back muscles. I was wondering if I could design an interface between musical output and one of these machines. Imagine putting on a ...next4
on 27 Feb 2006
2008, Rock Theater: Branch of: Conve...next2
When exploring Second Life, I realized that this w...next3
IMAGINE THIS:Image talking a walk in a garden in Second Life. As you approach a medow you start hearing peoplr talking, but there are no avatars around. You've curious and try to locate the source of the voices. As the voices grow louder, you notice five rocks in a circle that appear to be animated. It's as if they were carrying on the conversation. You are still a distance away as to not be notices.The conversation is quit compelling, definitely not idle small talk. They are talking about wholism and reductivism in a rather theoretical manner. Soon you start to ...next4
on 16 Jul 2013
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